Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)

Reviewed by Lord Pale

Sventevith is pure excellent 'Necro' pagan blackmetal from the Polish elite. Behemoth play a blend of self titled era Borknagar and 'Medieval Times' era Satyricon with their own unique signature. Firstly they play a lot faster than Satyricon with the drumming reaching blastbeats more often, and secondly they add an excellent feel and dimension to the music by having acoustic melodies played over the top of the raging majestic music ( similar to Bathory on the Viking albums ) as well as for intro and middle song sections. A very light use of keyboards enhances a few of the tracks, namely 'Hidden In Fog', the musical piece 'Ancient', and the outro 'Hell Dwells In Ice', Sventevith was ahead of its time for its depth of accomplishment and dynamic feel without compromising its grim status or underground appeal with the harsher production values and black and white cover art prevalent in the early scene. Vocalist/guitarist Nergal has an interesting rasp slightly more screechy than most but overall original and drummer Baal has an interesting and varied drumming style that eliminates the monotony that usually accompanies this style of music. The album ends with the bonus track 'Transylvanian Forest' taken from 'And The Forests Dream Eternally' Ep. Overall high calibre underrated blackmetal, get it now.