Reviewed by Lord Pale

Every so often an album comes along that sets the standard for all metal to follow , and Heartwork is such and album . More catchy brilliant riffs and melodic lead sections than most bands manage in a career are contained within Heartworks's hallowed grace . Every song is a classic , the production gives the guitars a sensational sound and they just sing to your ears , combining elements from rock and powermetal into the grind format , Carcass have come up with a truely superb album . The rasping vocals have ben perfected again and now snarl out more mature lyric based on themes like WW2 ( Arbiet Macht Fleisch ) and Shakespear ( Blind Bleeding The Blind ) . From the speedy triumphant 'This Mortal Coil' with its horse gallop double kicks and shredding riifs through to 'No Love Lost's' saucy riffing and slower heavier agression , Heartwork bleeds perfection . The title track is surely one of the best metal songs ever written , this is metal genius RESPECT ! infidels . Featuring a sculpture by H.R Giger of an aluminium skeletal construction called 'Life Support' on the front cover art , Carcass have gone to the effort with this album 100% . Get this now , I don't care what type of metal you listen to , if you like metal , you must own this album .