Dark Throne


Reviewed by Lord Pale

Panzerfaust is Darkthrone's first release since leaving Peaceville, now on Moonfog the band has dedicated the album to Satyr (Satyricon) head of Moonfog. Panzerfaust is Transylvanian Hunger meets Under a Funeral Moon on steroids. Nordic whining riffs howl over Fenriz's pounding drums with a meatier sound and better (though still grim) production job, whilst others take a slower heavier approach like the old death/thrash days. Very harsh (drunken?) vocals growl over the pelting beats and never seem satisfied with keeping time with the music if they can get away with it. Necro artwork again adorns the cover and a simplistic grey, black, and white booklet contains the lyrics. Panzerfaust has alot of variation in speeds and styles from the tribal sounding 'The Hordes of Nebula' through to the blatantly ripped off riff from Storm's 'Noregsgard' in Quintessence. The final track heralds a different twist, with loud atmospheric keyboards and mumbled Norwegian lyrics. A great new approach, if Darkthrone can keep this up then they should be kicking well into the new millennium