Like An Ever Flowing Stream

Reviewed by Alex

Dismember's Like An Ever Flowing Stream is - at least to me - something like the epitome of Death Metal, perhaps the most brilliant and yet absolutely brutal record ever to emerge from Sweden. Together with Entombed they defined what Swedish Death Metal should sound like, including Matti's guttural (but still understandable!) vocals, David's and Robert's brilliant guitar leads and solos, and of course the blasting rythm section, with Richard on bass and Fred on drums. Although they were all just around 19, their instrumental skills had developed impressively since releasing the legendary demos. And to make this masterpiece complete, they got Dan Seagrave for the cover artwork, who createded one of the greatest covers ever.

If you put all those factors together, you get an explosiv mixture that's quite unique with Dismember and which made them real Death Metal legends. Songs like 'Override Of The Overture', 'Skin Her Alive' and of course 'Dismembered' should be familiar to every metalhead and make this an immortal piece of Death Metal art.