Limbonic Art

In Abhorrence Dementia

Reviewed by foltergeist

I can't understand that such a masterpiece has only a rating of 6.7!!! This cd is the best symphonic black metal album that was ever released. Some people compare this band to easily with emperor, but in fact limbonic art sounds like no other band. From the first to the last note you will dive in a world of hatred and misanthropy. In abhorrence dementia is Limbonic Art's best album with the monumental Moon in the scorpio. Musically, there are some differences between these two releases. This second opus is more various and more "technical". The 12 minutes long track "Deathtrip to a mirage asylum" shows how this piece is complex and all the genius of the two members of this band, from the slow atmospheric intro to the raging moments, the following choirs based on a three melodies variation, a new atmospheric moment, and at last a raging outro in which you can hear a "possessed" version of the chorus. Don't worry, it's the same for all tracks. This cd sounds like a cursed wagnerian symphony, with great male and female choirs that come directly from the depths of hell. The agressive rythm mixed with slower, often highly majestuous moments are here really perfect composed and every black metal fan MUST have it. Be careful when you buy it, a special version exists, for the same price than the "normal" one, but it contains two bonus tracks entitled "abyssmal necromancy" and "descent into oblivion". I bought this cd just after its release (1998), that's why i hadn't the edition which contains this two tracks, i downloaded them later. Even if they are not as good as the rest of the album (that's why they are only bonus tracks!), they stay in the same vein and are very interesting too.