Paradise Lost

Draconian Times

Reviewed by Gloon

From Death Metal to Goth to almost pop rock, Paradise Lost definitely has had one of the more extreme musical evolutions. ‘Draconian Times’ saw them fully embrace the gothic rock-metal tag and produce one of their most solid and consistent albums. The band creates atmosphere through, at times crushing guitars melding with atmospheric synths and great vocals, supplied by the suitably emotionally sombre Nick Holmes. Listening thoroughly to the album it is easy to see where bands such as current era Ever Eve and others have taken their lead from as ‘Draconian Times’ almost acts as a blueprint for the current crop of goth wannabes. Standout tracks include opener ‘Enchantment’ the sorrowful ‘Forever Failure’ and the seriously rocking ‘Once Solemn’ but in all honesty there is rarely a dull moment as the tracks wash over the listener with varying waves of emotion and sadness which bring both a level of enjoyment and gloomy self reflection. Regardless of how they reached this path Paradise Lost produced a gothic rock classic and continued to go down the softer path, I for one am glad they did.