Paradise Lost

Lost Paradise

Reviewed by D.E.T

Although a death-metal fan at that time(it had to have been 1990 or 1991),I couldn't help feelin' sorry for my pantera-cowboys from hell,the album i traded for this one.(even though whenever I tried to listen to it it never got past song No3).Maybe because PL wasnt 100% death-metal,maybe bacause PL weren't even that close of playing death-metal even on that first LP.NOPE.IT was the begining,or some might say the re-birth(if you count the likes of black sabbath and candlemass as doom-metal) of doom-metal.But to make everyone happpy i guess its fair to say that it was the rebirth of doom-metal and the birth of doom/death-metal.Sad music,sad lyrics,depressive atmosphere,these guys dont want to live,nor do they want to slaughter anybody(the attitude of death-metal at that time),they just want to be left alone in the darkforgotten by the whole world as they grief and moan their beloved.Together with Anathema and My Dying Bride these guys were DOOMed