Exhumed Of The Earth

Reviewed by Metalmister777

This is a doommetal classic! The first song alone is worth the price of admission. It clocks exactly 17 minutes and starts with a haunting beautiful soprano. It also has a very beautiful violin part in it. The third song is also worth mentioning. This is funeral doom it's best. Very slow played, as it should be. The sixth song has very well executed drumming from mister Sherlock. He does a very good job on this cd. The last song starts with a calm guitar interlude. Then a flute appears. After that the heavy crunchy guitars start. It has also a haunted female whispering voice, combined with the deathgrunt of Andrew. Overall are teh songs very well structured and the production is excellent. The atmosphere is excellent, very dark and enchanting. This is a very underrated cd and quite hard to find. If you claim that you are into doom and especially deathdoom or funeral doom metal, than this cd should be in your collection!