Artist Title Date
Burzum Filosofem 2005-01-02
My Dying Bride 34.788%... Complete 2005-01-01
Eisenvater III 2004-11-17
Type O Negative October Rust 2004-11-14
Burzum Hvis Lyset Tar Oss 2004-10-28
Paramaecium Within The Ancient Forest 2004-10-01
Theatre Of Tragedy Aégis 2004-09-30
Opeth Still Life 2004-09-28
Rotting Christ A Dead Poem 2004-09-21
Carcass Heartwork 2004-09-21
My Dying Bride Turn Loose The Swans 2004-09-15
Anathema A Vision Of A Dying Embrace 2004-09-11
Anathema The Silent Enigma 2004-09-11
Anathema Pentecost III 2004-09-11
Behemoth Antichristian Phenomenon 2004-08-31
Opeth Morningrise 2004-08-28
On Thorns I Lay Sounds Of Beautiful Experience 2004-08-27
Impaled Nazarene Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz... 2004-08-27
Six Feet Under Alive And Dead 2004-08-18
Six Feet Under Haunted 2004-08-18
Cryptopsy None So Vile 2004-08-18
Malevolent Creation Eternal 2004-08-17
Paramaecium Exhumed Of The Earth 2004-08-10
My Dying Bride Trinity (UK Version) 2004-07-14
Amorphis Elegy 2004-06-04
Mental Home Upon The Shores Of Inner Seas 2004-05-26
Misteria Masquerade Of Shadows 2004-05-11
Paramaecium Within The Ancient Forest 2004-04-17
Solitude Aeturnus Downfall 2004-04-13
Necromantia Ancient Pride 2004-04-07
Abigor Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom) 2004-04-07
Anathema Serenades 2004-04-05
Paradise Lost Lost Paradise 2004-04-05
Therion Time Shall Tell 2004-04-05
On Thorns I Lay Orama 2004-04-04
Nifelheim Unholy Death 2004-04-01
Hypocrisy Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken 2004-03-25
Sodom Agent Orange 2004-03-25
Death Scream Bloody Gore 2004-03-23
Behemoth Zos Kia Cultus 2004-03-21