Ames De Marbre

Reviewed by Merlin

I've had this album since it came out. I think it was Witchhunt Records that 1st released it back in '93/94. The Uniqueness and diversity in instrumentation and voices make this album accessable to music enthusiasts across the board. Their are elements of doom metal/death metal and black metal. The poetry and passion in the making of this album is in perfect symmetry to the atmosphere they produce. There is whispering, both male and female while their are classical overtones in the rise/fall and crescendo's in the music. There is actual singing and death vocals alike. The harmony they create with the voices and the creativity in instrumentation still have me wondering why they never made it big. If you're able to find this album on CD, count yourself lucky. If you enjoy My Dying Bride, Dead Can Dance, elements of Cradle of Filth and Tiamat - this album is for you.