Type O Negative

October Rust

Reviewed by Wynand Brand

you either love this album or you hate it. its an american band - but they're pretty decent, unlike all the other crap bands america spits out every day. the album was designed to make the listners experience autumn and winter in an audio environment rather than a physical environment - and its done rather succesfully. from the album booklet filled with pictures of leafless trees to the haunting and sometimes serene atmosphere the band paints with their instruments, this is the best audio interpretation of an autumn potrait i have heard (or seen).

the album kicks off with a joke and intro from the band members introducing themselves (a bit unconventional but not a major). the first song of the album is one of the greatest love songs ever written - 'Love you to Death' and sets the mood and tempo for the album straight away. at this point i must add that if you have a low tolerance for unorthodox lyrics about woman be warned.
the songs concludes with the singer (Steele) asking "am I good enough for you?", and wraps up an awesome love song.

another track worth mentioning is 'Red water', in which christmas is introduced through none other than jingling bells mixed with Steele's haunting voice and incredibly odd-sounding guitar (i think he cranks the chorus up really high - this can be found throughout the album). a song that you can fall asleep to, but not get bored by (if that makes sense).

'My girlfriend's girlfriend' is one of my favourite songs to drive down the highway with. its very cathcy and one of the songs cemented into their live set. one of the shorter songs on the album and is guaranteed to give you a laugh or two.

'Wolf moon' is essential to the collection of melodic metal fans. i cant describe this song in any other way than telling you if you havnt heard this you are missing out on something great: easily the best type o negative song in existance.

i dont mean to bore so i conclude that this album is outstanding - far better than any other type o albums. the atmosphre, the shifts from highs to lows, the spine-chilling voice, the synth and all other elements are arranged give a listning experience truly unique. the only fault i can find with this album is that on occasion its too slow, some tracks just....drag on.

highly reccomended